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John Harrison 1920-1945, age 25

Barnsley Chronicle 27th July 1943
Thanks to Barnsley Archives
Born: 1920 in Barnsley Q2

Son of: William and Emily Harrison, nee Jackson. At the time of their marriage at St Edward's Church on 30th May 1915, William age 23 was a driver in the Army Service Corps. 21 year old Emily lived at 26 Keresforth Hill Road, Barnsley.  

Husband of: Enid Harrison nee Higginbottom. John and Enid married in Barnsley in 1941 Q2. 

Military Service: John was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery, 12th Battery, 6 H.A.A. Regt, service number 1569468. He went overseas in November 1941 and was captured at Singapore.  

Death: 11th May 1945 in a Japanese Prisoner of War camp at Kuching, Sarawak.

Buried: Labuan War Cemetery in Malaysia, grave L.B.6. John was originally buried at Lintang Camp Cemetery in Kuching but moved to Labuan Cemetery on 3rd September 1946. The inscription on John's memorial stone reads


Find a grave link: here 
Commonwealth War Graves Commission link: here  
Remembered: St Edward's WW2 Memorial plaque, Barnsley and on the Buckley Street Chapel WW2 memorial tablet.

Note 1: The Barnsley Chronicle 24th July 1943 reported:
Barnsley and Worsbro' Men Prisoners
"I am unwounded and in good health and spirits. My love to everyone. Don't worry." writes Gunner John Harrison R.A.(23) only son of Mr and Mrs. Harrison, 10 Baker Street, Barnsley, in a postcard from a Japanese prisoner of war camp. Gnr Harrison who was posted missing in Malaya over 16 months ago, went overseas in November 1941 and he will have been in the Army three years next month. He formerly worked for Mr H. Wills, coal merchant, and is an old Park Road scholar. 

Note 2: 16 months later The Barnsley Chronicle 17th November 1945 reported:
Died in Jap Hands
News has reached Mr and Mrs Harrison, 10 Baker Street Barnsley that their son Dvr. John Harrison (25) R.A. who was captured at Singapore, died in a Jap P.O.W. camp at Kuching, Sarawak. He formerly worked as a lorry driver for Mr H. Wills, coal merchant, and joined up in 1940. 

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